If you’re pro-knowledge and/or have a particular interest in the current topic (see the latest video)…

…please make a donation to enable the critical experiment to be carried out. All experimental results will be published here for everyone to see!

Swish: 0728 97 73 71 (David Wensbo Posaric)

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All current donations are directed to an experiment designed to test the following hypothesis:

Hypo: ”Deionized water has a cleaning effect that is significantly better than the cleaning effect of common tap water in laundry applications.” (could it be true?!)

I am truly grateful to all of you who donated so far. The current sum of donations: SEK 7,341 (updated 2019-06-17).

All-time -high – Ulf Annby (”Sanningen Framförallt!”), Nevenka Hemmin, Paul Ipsen, Per Flink and Thorleif Strand: 1000 Kr each

The target, as determined by a quotation from RISE IVF, for being able to carry out the currently planned experiment: SEK 162,500

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